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detective agency in assam

We have a team of detectives who are well trained and experienced . Some of them who worked in intelligence agencies of the Govt. like IB& Armed forces are working in various capacities in our organization. The firm believes in ethics, honesty, hardworking and perseverance to ensure truth and real findings.


About Us

We have a wide range of detective agency in assam and across the India on multiple locations.

We carryout investigations strictly keeping in mind the subject, circumstances and the requirement of the customer. The most suitable and economical operations are carried out with the most modern equipment’s and gadgets.


Verification of credentials such as educational qualifications, previous work experience, criminal history and reputation of your existing and prospective employees specially in sensitive positions

Investigation of the life style, contacts in and outside the office, off-time engagements, extra employment activities etc. of employees in sensitive positions or suspected of disloyalty or of other misdemeanors towards your business

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General Services

Sting Operation

Sting Operation is an undercover operation designed to hook a person committing a crime by the act of deception.

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Pre Matrimonial

The so called the gamble of one’s life ‘Marriage’ is an important life decision for anyone who believes in the institution of marriage.

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Post Matrimonial

Infidelity is a common problem after marriage and comes in many forms. Pre martial cases generally encompass a cheating husband or a cheating wife.

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Physical Surveillance

Physical Surveillance includes monitoring the activities of an individual day in and day out in case of any suspicion which arises due to the behavioral changes.

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Loyalty Checks

Love marriages are a common trend these days and loyalty is a foundation for a couple who is standing on a threshold of starting a new life.

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Divorce Case Investigation

Divorces can be a messy business and to win, it becomes a mammoth task for partners at times. The nature of divorces are very different from each other like cheating spouse,

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Background Check

You meet a person but you are unsure about his or her background, your mind is never at peace and it becomes difficult to accept the present if you are unaware of the past.

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Corporate Services

Undercover Agent

Our undercover agents are experts in the art of impersonation. With quick analytical power & logical reasoning they are capable of unearthing hidden truths and act diligently in critical situations. With the art of impersonation

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Pre Employment

We furnish details with checking and rechecking of the candidate who has applied to the organization of clients. This is important to safeguard the company from recruiting a harmful person for the corporate culture.

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Post Employment

Post-employment verification can play an effective role for a companies. A candidate who had a clean background at the time of appointment may do crimes years after they have been employed but you don’t have to worry about that because Spy Force is your eye & ear who will make your paper black and white.

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Labour Court Cases

Stuck with a labour court case and doesn’t know where to find a person who can expedite cases in the labour law court

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